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AS.CHAKRAVARTHY : PRECAUTIONS before enter into Stock Market

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While Recommending the qualities to enter into stock market, here are some precautions to consider as well. Hope you share among the well wishers and get profitable.

Here are the precautions before to enter into stock market.

  1. First one should observe overall Scenario of the Market, is it Uptrend or Downtrend. Inexperienced people CAN enter Uptrend only.
  2. Before entering the scrip see whether it is in Uptrend or Downtrend. Observe sector also – Prefer upcoming sector stocks only.
  3. Select High Beta and Liquidity Stocks.
  4. Fundamental and Technical’s should be observed.
  5. Enquire about Management of the company, to get proper idea (good/bad) about management.
  6. 99% prefer for delivery business (in Cash Market), – do not prefer deliveries and average also in Bear Market.
  7. Strictly apply Hedging strategy in uncertain conditions.
  8. Never Invest – Borrowed Amounts in Stock Market
  9. Never invest Special Purpose Amount in Stock Market Ex: Family Hospital expenses, Children College Savings, Daughter/Sister Marriage Savings. Invest only surplus amounts.
  10. Ascertain your Loss bearing capacity, never do the business beyond your financial capacity.
  11. Ascertain your holding period capacity.
  12. Those who do not follow the above Rules, they lose a LOT.

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