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The entire Technical Analysis broadly divided in to Three types, one is purely chart analysis and second is chart analysis with the help of indicators (here indicators means leading indicators & lagging indicators) and third Theories.



For Chart Analysis we follow 3 types of charts.

Stage 1. Line Charts Analysis:– For Long term Trends Identification & Short term Trends identification

Stage 2. Bar Charts Analysis:- To know Trend reversals in short term

Stage 3. Candlestick Charts Analysis:- To know Trend reversal in short term



The Line charts drawn with the help of closing prices. These line charts are plotted on daily, weekly and monthly closing price basis.

  • In the daily charts we use daily data and for the weekly and monthly charts we use weekly and monthly data respectively.
  • The prices are plotted on the XY Chart; where the X axis represents the time and Y axis represent the value of the Scrip.
  • One more important point the X axis represents the actually trading days and not the calendar days.
  • Here in technical analysis we discuss different types of trends (Direction of Movement) and patterns (Models or Shapes) with the help of line charts.

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