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AS Chakravarthy : Applying Shares through IPO in Primary Market KYC

AS Chakravarthy NCFM Course in Hyderabad : KYC for IPO Primary Mkt

Stock Market Technical Analysis Training Hyderabad: AS Chakravarthy

At the time of applying for equity Shares, through Public Issue in Primary Market, SEBI has advised the Precautions to Investors, in the form of Know your client (KYC). These are as given below,


  • Read the Prospectus/ Abridged Prospectus carefully, with special attention to:
    1. Risk factors
    2. Background of promoters
    3. Company history
    4. Outstanding litigations and defaults
    5. Financial statements
    6. Object of the issue
    7. Basis of Issue price
    8. Instructions for making an application
  • In case of any doubts/problems, contact the compliance officer named in the offer document.
  • In case you do not receive, within due period, the credit to demat account or refund of application money; lodge a complaint with the compliance officer of the issuer company and with the post-issue lead manager.


  • Don’t be influenced by any implicit/explicit promise made by the issuer or anyone else.
  • Don’t invest only based on the prevailing Bull Run of the market index or of scrips of other companies in the same industry or scrips of the issuer company/group companies.
  • Don’t expect the price of the shares of the issuer company to necessarily go up upon listing, and forever.


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Source : National Stock Exchange of India Ltd


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