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  • Japanese candle sticks charts are first developed by Japanese rice trader in 1600 century. Actually the candle stick charts worldwide popularized credit goes Steven Niosn. He is one expert on the interpretation of Candle Stick Patterns.
  • Candle Stick charts provide visually insight into the current market psychology and its powerful method for analyzing and timing to stock and future markets.
  • Japanese Candle Stick offers a quick picture into psychology of the short term trading, studying the effects not causes and incidents. The fact that prices influenced by investors psychologically drive emotions of fears, greed and hope.
  • The Candle Stick chart represents the open, high, low and closing prices on a day to day basis. Each day’s activity is represented by a Candle Stick.

There are three types of candle sticks:

  • White Candle Stick.
  • Black Candle Stick.
  • Doji Candle Stick. As shown below.


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