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NCFM Course in Hyderabad : CM - Capital Market

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NCFM Course in Hyderabad : Stock Market Training - AS Chakravarthy for Technical and Fundamental Analysis Modules from this Institute. We trained so many people in Andhra Pradesh and Telenagana in India. AS Chakravarthy Institute is the simple and unique style in teaching NCFM Course in Hyderabad : CM - Capital Market Dealers Module.

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NCFM Course in Hyderabad : Capital Market - Market Phases

Market Phases

The Capital Market system had been split in to four types:

The trading system is open for trading on all days except Saturdays and Sundays and other listed holidays. Holidays are declared by the Exchange from time to time. A number of discrete stages in a trading day are discussed below:

Opening: A trading member able to carry out the following activities after login and before the market opens up:
(a) Set up Market Watch (the selected securities which the user would like to keep an eye)
(b) View Inquiry screens; a trading member cannot login to the system while the market is opening for trading at that particular point of time. A pop up will appear on the screen stating ‘Market status is changing. Cannot logon for sometime’ as such.
In case the member is already logged in, he cannot perform trading activities in the system unless market is open.

Pre-open: The 15 minutes pre-open session (from 9:00 am to 9:15 am.) allocated for Order collection and order matching. The 8* minutes time slot out of 15 minutes shall be used for order entry, modification and cancellation (* - System driven random closure between 7th and 8th minute).
The Indicative equilibrium/ opening price of scrip, total buy and sell quantity of the scrip such information is communicated on the NEAT Terminal to the trade members on real time basis.

Normal Market Open Phase: This phase indicates the commencement of trading activity, prior to the start of trading, a message is sent to all the trader workstations and all are also notified about the opening time of other markets by Exchange, The Order entry is not allowed unless all the securities have been opened up. During this phase, orders are matched on a continuous basis, trading in all the instruments is allowed unless they are specifically prohibited by the Exchange. The Inquiry, Order Entry, Order Modification, Order Cancellation, Order Matching and Trade Cancellation such activities are allowed in this phase.

Market Close: Prior to the close of market, a message is sent to all trading members stating as ‘trading in all instruments for that market comes to an end, No further orders are accepted’. But the user is permitted to perform activities like inquiries and trade cancellation.

Post-Close Market: This closing session is available only in Normal Market Segment and the allotted time slot is from 3.50 PM to 4.00 PM. Only market price orders can be placed and Special Terms, Stop Loss and Disclosed Quantity Orders, Index Orders are not allowed, these trades are considered as Normal Market trades.
“The Securities not traded in the normal market session” are not allowed to participate in the Closing Session.

Surveillance and Control (SURCON):

After market close the users have access only for inquiry. The end of SURCON period, the system processes the data to make it available for the next trading day.

When the system starts processing the data, the trading member lost the connection to the NEAT system

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