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NCFM Course in Hyderabad : Stock Market Training - AS Chakravarthy is the Good Institute for NCFM Course Training in Hyderabad : CM - Capital Market Dealers Module, Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, Derivative Market (Dealers) Module, Currency Derivatives Module (NISM-I), Mutual Funds Distributors Module (NISM-V), Commodities Market Module and The greatest specialty of A.S.CHAKRAVARTHY Institute will help you in the concept for Each and Every Topic for ALl Modules.

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NCFM Course in Hyderabad : Capital Market - Types of Markets

Types of Markets

The Capital Market system had been split in to four types:

1. Normal Market: deals with various book types, which can be segregated as Regular Lot Orders, Special Term Orders, and Stop Loss Orders depending on the order attributes.

2. Odd Lot Market: is Limited for Physical Market and for the Block Trades Session. The main features of the Limited Physical Market and The Block Trade session are detailed in separate sections.

3. Auction Market: here auctions are initiated by the exchange on behalf of trading members to settle the disputes rose while trading. About this market features are detailed in a separate section.

4. Retail Debt Market: RETDEBT market facility is used for transactions in Retail Debt Market, trading in Retail Debt Market is similar to equities (capital market) segment.

Trading System & users hierarchy

The trading system logon user types and significance of each type is explained below:

1. Corporate Manager: The corporate manager is a user placed at the highest level in a trading firm. Such user receives the end-of-day reports from all branches of the trading firm. The corporate manager is authorized to set the value limits such as branch order wise, user order wise and also set symbol wise user order quantity limit. He can view outstanding orders and trades of all users of the trading firm and can also cancel/modify outstanding orders of all users of the trading firm.

2. Branch Manager: The branch manager is placed under the corporate manager, who is also assigned a user. The branch manager receives end-of-day reports from all the dealers related to the particular branch. He can set user order value limit for each dealer of his branch. He can check outstanding orders and trades of all users and can also cancel/modify outstanding order of all users of his branch.

3. Dealer: Dealers are users at the bottom level of the hierarchy. A dealer can view and perform order and trade related activities but he/she doesn’t have access to the information of fellow dealers in the branch and other branches.

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