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Phone : +91 9848960767 / 9573157595.  Training on Stock Market Courses in Hyderabad for Investment-Trading Our Institute offers Classes for the below NCFM modules ARE YOU IN SEARCH OF RIGHT INSTITUTE FOR STOCK MARKET TECHNICAL ANALYSIS COURSE IN HYDERABAD FOR COACHING ASC NISM ACADEMY offers the Coaching for below NISM Modules
A S Chakravarthy NCFM Course Training Institute Hyderabad Ameerpet has imparted training to hundreds of batches and thousands of students since its inception

Students Reviews: AS Chakravarthy NCFM Academy Hyderabad

NCFM Academy Hyderabad Reviews - Students of A.S.Chakravarthy

Best for Stock Market Courses in Hyderabad : ASC NCFM Academy

NISM modules and Technical Analysis Training in Hyderabad for Live Trading

Vijaya Laxmi

REVIEWS: Doing NCFM Courses in Hyderabad - Best decision,

REVIEWS: Doing NCFM Courses in AS Chakravarthy NCFM Academy Hyderabad, was the best decision, I have ever-made in my life! More than in MBA, I learnt a lot about the functioning of Financial Market. The Trainer, Mr.Chakravarthy, was down-to-earth in his approach. NCFM facilitated me to get a well-paid position.

Kiran Kumar.K

I think Chakravarthy Sir is doing a great service by offering NCFM training and helping students get good jobs. The training is worth your time and money. The design and presentation of OPTION MARKET concept is extraordinary.;I can proudly say NCFM helped me reach a good position. Further details follow, on NCFM Academy Hyderabad reviews - students of A.S.Chakravarthy.

Mohan V

After completing MBA, while searching for jobs, I came across a number of job opportunities available for NCFM professionals. Then, I took training atASC NCFM Academy Hyderabad. The training was highly practical, giving in-depth knowledge in financial market. NCFM secured me a job with attractive salary package.

Vijaya Bhanu.T

It’s really useful to receive NCFM training here. I learnt a lot on Arbitration, Hedging  and Speculative Strategies etc. The trainer’s presentation skills make even a common man understand the topics easily. NCFM added value to my Degree and secured me a well-paid job. Best for Stock Market Courses in Hyderabad : ASC NCFM Academy.


When I completed MBA, my family members and friends advised me to do software courses. But my interest was in financial field and I took a bold decision to do NCFM Course. It proved that it was a right decision at the right time. With NCFM, I am now working in SBI Mutual Fund. Thanks to Mr.A.S.Chakravarthy!


I joined NCFM course on a friend’s advice, who is already settled with NCFM. The trainer,Mr.A.S.Chakravarthy is a natural teacher and a great mentor.  With his 20 years of trading and 5+ years of training experience, he opened the doors to various opportunities in job market and share-trading.Commendable training!!


The NCFM training is well-designed, discussing each topic in detail. It provided resources, quality material and live trading sessions on LCD screen. You really get to learn so much. NCFM and his Training on Stock Market Technical Analysis Hyderabad, Telangana, paved my way to a better job.


I am an Investor in Shares for 2 years. I joined NCFM course, not sure if it would be much of use. But it is an amazing way to learn more about his Stock Market Course Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet. I learnt different strategies and applied them in share-trading, which resulted in making good profits. NCFM CHANGED MY LIFE!!

REVIEWS: ASC NCFM Academy Hyderabad in

Mr.Chakravarthy is a teacher par excellence. You might have heard of walking encyclopedia but have you ever seen a talking encyclopedia? I have seen him and he is Mr.Chakravarthy. I have come to this conclusion when I have joined his institute for NCFM, FUNDAMENTAL AND TECHNICAL ANALYSIS TRAINING. In those two months we have been educated, enlightened and even entertained. He has not only imparted us with knowledge of stock market but also with general knowledge, psychology of people and money management.

Mr. Chakravarthy is a personified form of knowledge of stock market (i.e. if we could give a shape to the knowledge of stock market it definitely looks like him). He is a mine of vast deposits of knowledge of stock market. Rallies and falls of market and events that influenced the market for the past thirty years are at his finger tips.

He has a unique way of explaining complicated topics. The way he explains arbitration, hedging and strangle is terrific. I can say confidently that no one else in India can present the topics like Patterns, Turn over ratios (and relation between them), Moving averages and Indicators in the way he presents.

Mr.Chakravarthy has a gift of analyzing the past and predicting the future trends. Any person entering in to his institute with a lot of doubts comes out with clarity with all his doubts dispelled. For the past fifteen years his service to the market and to the nation is worth mentioning. Any amount of words and any way we write about him, we still can't express the real worthiness of him. HAT'S OFF Mr. CHAKRAVARTHY. For this see REVIEWS: ASC NCFM Academy Hyderabad in

Ramakrishna Raparthy

When I first joined A.S Chakravarthy Stock Market Training Institute in Hyderabad,I did not know much about stock market. All I knew was that the investors buy and sell stock for less and high price based on instinct. So to overcome my curiosity of how the market works, I joined the academy, and now I can say that it was one of my good judgement to do so. Now I understand how the market works. All thanks to sir, I have come to understand that little tricks and observations can make you earn good money. He explains in great detail every big and small topic and how to apply it while trading by even showing numerous charts. As its said "we can teach from our experience, but we cannot teach experience".Therefore, he teaches and guides us through his 25 years of experience. Hence I recommend each and everyone who is interested in stocks to join the academy for better practical and theoretical understanding of stock exchange.

Nikhila Kanakamedala

Hi friends, Initially,I used to trade in the market with some basic knowledge and one day planned to get into the with Full pledged knowledge i.e Technical Analysis Course. As i stay in Bangalore i have inquired many institutes and came to know that it just takes 2 days or 1 week to learn such a vast subject and also at HI-FI cost.But LUCKILY by surfing through the google, found A.S.Chakravarthy NCFM Hyderabad. When i made a call Sir responded in such a way that i am excited to join the course quickly.

Joined the course but in the initial days i could not understand what is going on. Thought of leaving the course too.But day by day after being taught each concept in such an easy manner with real time examples,my doubts,confusions are also clarified. 2days/1 week course=2days diagrams/charts(bookish knowledge) etc(other institutes)

BUT FUNDAMENTAL AND TECHNICAL ANALYSIS CLASSES in HYDERABAD BY A.S.Chakravarthy NCFM Academy=Conceptual+Practical knowledge of STOCK MARKET With his 25years of REAL TIME EXPERIENCE in trading,and with excellent teaching passion,he trains the students to gain confidence that they can earn on their own,not just following TV tips.He encourages us to do research which is very much required for Stock market, not just bookish knowledge or classroom knowledge

Be passionate to attend the course regularly for 30days and Ultimately "U" are the Gainer.Finally, being impressed with Sir's way of teaching in his Stock Market Technical Analysis Course in Hyderabad,i would like to suggest to everyone who wants to have good returns in stock market, A.S.Chakravarthy NCFM Academy is the PERFECT place.


There is a saying in our Indian spiritual world that is 'It is very very difficult to find a SADGURU.......' .

I came to Hyderabad on my corporate training purpose, here I heard about AS Chakravarthy NCFM Academy through one of my colleague. After completion of a small inquiry, I joined with AS Chakravarthy NCFM Academy HYDERABAD for Fundamental and Technical Analysis Courses of Indian stock markets, soon I realized that I found a SADGURU for Indian Stock markets. I can strongly say he is the unique one for his way of explanation and interpretation of charts with his 25 years of rich experience in Indian Stock Markets on his Stock Market Classes in Hyderabad India

Once the course is over you will definitely proud to be not only a student of Chakravarthy sir but also proud your self to find such an excellent guru for your profitable future :). 

In a single and simple word, Join AS Chakravarthy NCFM Academy

.....gain profits beyond expectations.

Tirupathi Rao, Banglore

Hello Guys, No one can train better than him with such realistic examples such that even a laymen can understand.

In a simple words "Mr. A.S. CHAKRAVARTHI sir is BETTER THAN ANY OTHER BEST trainer's in Indian Financial Market Trainers".

In-fact he is "Share Market ki Share"

I recommend Mr. AS Chakravathi sir for all who are looking for institutes on ncfm,Technical Analysis Coaching or fundamental analysis training's.

Thank you sir for the price less knowledge shared by you during training.

VenuGopal Reddy K

Hi my name is R krishna chaitanya. I joined ncfm course on my friends advice. i really useful to recive ncfm training in capital& dervative and also time mangment & money mangment in guidelines by mr As chakarvarhy sir. Stock market is very dangerous market because so many pepole loose there this situvation approach a efficient knowlede person in technical anyalist like as chakravarhi and take His ideas to investment on good stocks.

To know the stock market You have to learn technical and fundamental analysis to investment on stokes and to know what is good return stocks are what is less return stocks. I personally recommend to you join at as chakravarhi Institute and far away fear on stock market .in classes sir will advices to students in market Typical situvation what will we do on the situvation. 

The captal market, dervative market, fundamental and Technical Analysis Classes gives knowlede about situvation scenario of the present market conditions. The people who completed this courses can be place on MNC companies(Stock broking companies, mutual fund companies, software companies, and also instructions)and they recive good packages.

Finally i will say this institute is the king in NCFM modules in Hyderabad and for Stock Market Training Course in Hyderaba


Dear members its very Proud to me to write review, on MR.Chakravarthy sir!! Many people learn NCFM Courses do certification @ different locations, but if u Really want to SHINE LIKE A DAIMOND in stockmarkets,, first blindlyyyyyyyy join "A.S.CHAKRAVARTHY'S NCFM ACADEMY."

the way he teaches about Stockmkt Basics is awsome, because Basics is very imp to every one in any field, to become success, i openly challenge no person can briefly elobarate & explain as Chakravthy sir, his way of Delivering subject to the students is quite different & unique. He has his own style of Delivering subject to students to understand the stockmkt in an easy way.

one more thing i would like to share with all of u, No person in India can compare Cash mkt & Future mkt behaviour, with Wife & Husband behaviour, he is the only one who has delivered subject,with such a good example, which i can't forget through out my last breath.

finally one note to all pls make note that its A.S.CHAKRAVARTHY'S NCFM ACADEMY, do not be frauded by duplicate websites, speak to sir on phone ,possible take an oppintment with him & join instute for bright future.

Adi Narayana

Hi Friends, My name is Abdulaziz, I am a MBA(Finance) graduate but knowledge on Overall stock market operations is nil, this is my situation when I didn’t join this institute…After Joining this institute I learnt so many things about “Capital Market, Equities, Market Index and Present Booming Industry Derivates Market (Futures and Options) in that main Hedging Strategy Concept is very much useful to Protect our Investments or Stocks from losses.

" If you want to earn money not only from Job, As an Entrepreneur & Self Employed " A S CHAKRAVARTHY SIR HEIGHLIGHTS :

2) HEDGING STRATEGY ( Speculators, Arbitragers)
3) What is mean by Company? Why it is created? Company Purpose/Moto? About Derivatives and it’s 4 Products : Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps
4) The way of teaching is simply superb
5) While teaching the class Observe the Sir’s “BODY LANGUAGE” is most important thing.....And so many things to tell about sir, but it’s not a place to tell all these things

My Suggestion is “ COME TO INSTITUTE ATTEND DEMO “Then you people only, come to know about my above reviews either Correct or Wrong.

"Finally I would proudly say that, I am a Chakravarthy Sir’s Student, thank you so much sir for Sharing of your value bull Knowledge to us."

Regards & Thanking You, SK Abdul Aziz


Majority of people around us not dared to invest in Share Market due to lack of Knowledge, even though people are qualified. People will try to acquire knowledge in different sources, but failed to acquire and I was among them even though having interest on share market. I was keep on searching browsing to know about Share market, finally I found NCFM Courses offered by AS Chakravarthy institute at Hyderabad.

When I entered in to the institute, I came to know that I find my destination and realized that market Knowledge does not experienced from Books, but it will be learned from a real time worked and well experienced persons. Market Analysis is not confined to West Part of India, more over the people like Chakravarthy, who is not in the lime light even though assessed market scenario well in advance.

Instead of explaining the Basic/Charts/Patterns etc., he will share his real time experience and try to teach in application oriented manner by showing examples with real charts and how it effects in future. He is enthusiastic in teaching his students at reasonable price and tries to share the knowledge. 

After looking at Chakravarthy sir, we came to know that the subject can be dealt in simple and effective way to reach the students, where language is not a barrier in leaning something. As he told the observation, Reasoning, Guessing & Interpretation and application with well controlled mind set will boost the success in the market. It can be ascertained that Chakravarthy Sir is Passionate on Share market in identifying new approaches and trying to share the same to all. I feel that aspirants of share market can learn subject and can gain enough knowledge from this institute at Hyderabad instead of roaming around the West part of India. He break the barricades of share market analysis and make the real time analysis free from those who feel share market is granted property.

Kokkiligadda Vijayamohan

Reviews: A.S.Chakravarthy NCFM Hyderabad:

Our Students Reviews ! ASC NCFM Academy Hyderabad and

Read Our Students Reviews ! ASC NCFM Academy Hyderabad and Choose NCFM Academy clearly when you are joining the course because there are different NCFM academies above all this. A S CHAKRAVARTHS NCFM ACADEMY is the top to choose, A S CHAKRAVARTH sir`s class are more worthy than what we pay to him and sir`s abundance knowledge makes us to gain more experience in the class itself. Sir is very aggressive in the class but kind at heart. For more see, Reviews: A.S.Chakravarthy NCFM Hyderabad:

D V Mani Reddy, 88*****071

When I first joined A.S Chakravarthy`s NCFM academy,I didn`t know much about stock market. All I knew was that the investors buy and sell stock for less and high price based on instinct. So to overcome my curiosity of how the market works, I joined the academy, and now I can say that it was one of my good judgement to do so. Now I understand how the market works. All thanks to sir, I have come to understand that little tricks and observations can make you earn good money. He explains in great detail every big and small topic and how to apply it while trading by even showing numerous charts. As its said we can teach from our experience, but we cannot teach experience".Therefore, he teaches and guides us through his 25 years of experience. Hence I recommend each and everyone who is interested in stocks to join the academy for better practical and theoretical understanding of stock exchange

Nikhila, 80*****233

Mr. A.S.Chakravarthy sir, is the best teach I have ever seen. He has an experience of 30 years in stock market and the name itself says NCFM `AS` CHAKRAVARTHY. He is not training his students, instead he is sharing his knowledge. He is the complete reference for stock market, fundamental analysis, capital market, commodity market and Technical Analysis Coachongetc. His live examples helps in understanding the subject easily and helps in analyzing the stocks. Even if you go with zero knowledge in stocks, you will come out with great knowledge. His each and every class inspires the students and nobody tries to miss even a single class. He has his own creative points in moving averages, indicators and patterns. He is the treasure of knowledge gifted for every student. His unique style of teaching makes every student to involve in the subject. He is the book of NCFM, the more you read, the more you will get. I want to thank God that he showed me the right person, who teaches his students not only stocks but also the ethical values in trading as well as life. I want to share my experience while searching the NCFM A.S.Chakravarthy sir`s institute. I was confused and went to an institute with the name NCFM which is not headed by Chakravarthy sir in the same building (Annapurna block), but due to God`s grace I found the right place, I have joined in 534 batch. NCFM headed by Mr. A.S.Chakravarthy sir, is the only best institute for stock markets Coaching in Hyderabad with reasonable fee and can be affordable by a normal person. 

Thank you CHAKRAVARTHY SIR for your guidance and support.

Gadde Doondi Srinath, 88*****228

I believe, one of my best decisions in recent times was to attend the TECHNICAL & FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS course at NCFM ACADEMY. The faculty member (CHAKRAVARTHY) have immense theoretical as well as practical knowledge(> 30 years) . The course material is very easy to understand and the classes were based on real time business environment. What I love the most about CHAKRAVARTHS and his team is that they never operated the institute like a typical commercial enterprise but more like a temple for learning. The gates of NCFM are always open for students for any kind of help and guidance. I would recommend NCFM to all.

Hemanth, 76*****432

I finished capital and derivative MKT modules with very high score. I found chaktavarthis institute amazing.His command over the subject and his personal exp in trading helps a lot. I must really appreciate his striking approach towards the subject. He ensures everyone in the batch understands the concept. Not to forget his sense of humor makes the classes very lively. And the fees what very pay is only 10% of what he actually teaches,very economical. He deserves more. Best thing in his classes is unknowingly very get to learn personality development because one needs good decision making skills which he teach. Very inspiring faculty.I would say bse and NSE are located in Mumbai but Chakravarti sir is producing smart investors in ameerpet. Its not just an institute but a factory that produces brilliant investors. According to hindu mythology when god fails to save one a guru will save him. Its perfectly apt to him. Finally to rate this institute I would need all the stars in the sky.

Srinu, 90*****920

Hi Guys, Are you in Search of a right institution for Capital & Derivative Dealers Module or Want to be an Expert in Stock Market. 

Here are the top 3 Institutions in India.. 
1) A.S.Chakravarthy's NCFM Academy 
2) A.S.Chakravarthy's NCFM Academy no doubt 
3) A.S.Chakravarthy's NCFM Academy. 

In Every Field, every top organisation/institution would have Competitors, the only institution which don't have any Competitor from past 2 decades is A.S.Chakravarthy's NCFM Academy. This Shows the Excellence in teaching of A.S.Chakravarthy Gaaru.. When I Join in A.S.Chakravarthy's NCFM Academy i was a kid in Stock Market, After the Completion of the course means now i can apply all the strategies on the Market. After completion of the course in this academy, the particular will be Expertise in Stock Market. A.S.Chakravathy - Legend in Stock Market

Nallana Sravan

I have taken Technical and fundamental in this institute... and found very good. The tutor Chakaravarthy gaaru..having very good knowledge and vast experience on technical and fundamental analysis. He has also developed his own analysis and methods to analyze the trend of market and also provides the teaching in very simple and understandable to a very new and common student. I found very useful.

Rama Murthy, 86*****466

Reviews: A.S.CHAKRAVARTHY NCFM Hyderabad:

Best for NISM - NCFM Training in Hyderabad : ASC NCFM Academy

Best for Opstions Trading Training and Intraday Trading Training in Hyderabad

Choose ncfm academy clearly when you are joining the course because there are different ncfm academies above all this ***** A S CHAKRAVARTHS NCFM ACADEMY***** is the top to choose. A S CHAKRAVARTH sir class are more worthy then what we pay to him and sir abundance knowledge makes us to gain more experience in the class itself. Sir is very aggressive in the class but kind at heart. Further reviews see, Reviews: A.S.CHAKRAVARTHY NCFM Hyderabad:


Hi, My name is Gangadhar, after completion of my MBA i am in searching Job in Financial Market. My senior has advised me to do NCFM Certification course and easily to get job in financial market. I enquired about the training centre for NCFM & NISM coaching, all are advised that A.S.CHAKRAVARTHY NCFM ACADEMY, Ameerpet, is the best Stock Marker Training Institute in Hyderabad Telangana and A.P., I joined in this Institute and completed NCFM Certification of Capital Mkt, Derivative Market and Commodities Market, i received the three certificates and along with NCMP Level I also. Now i am working in Karvy stock broking co. Thankful to Mr.A.S.CHAKRAVARTHY, Regards, Gangadhar. Join Immediately Best for NISM - NCFM Training in Hyderabad : ASC NCFM Academy


Before last month i joined in A.S.CHAKRAVARTHY'S NCFM ACADEMY . I successfully completed CAPITAL MKT(DEALERS) MODULE & DERIVATIVE MKT(DEALERS) MODULE. His coaching style is excellent. Cont:


After getting trained at A.S.CHACKRAVARTHY NCFM ACADEMY , I realized that in the past I was trading in the market as if defense personnel had gone on borders without any weapons. I gained a lot of knowledge here and I recommend this course to everyone who wishes to enter and trade in the share market. The faculties are experienced and knowledgeable. I am thankful to AS.CHACKRAVARTHY who has helped me grasp Stock Market Technical Analysis knowledge


I had an excellent experience in A.S.CHACKRAVARTHY NCFM ACADEMY the course is excellently designed and being an amateur in the field of , I had learnt a lot and learnt the art of trading and placing targets & stop losses effective and proper reasoning is being provided, why a certain stock behaves in the certain trend. The chart now tells what to do and when to exit. CHACKRAVARTHY sir: It has been an overwhelming experience to learn the art of technical analysis from him. He provides excellent training and gives opportunity to students to give their ideas and he then gives his recommendations. I learnt the derivatives I think derivatives are one of the best career options. Infrastructure facilities here at A.S.CHACKRAVARTHY NCFM ACADEMY are also good


A passionate and dedicated, professional way of dealing with students of all ages who are desperately willing to know the art of making money through stock market. I am proud to say i have met a life changing GURU of my financial needs Mr. A.S. Chakravarthy Sir. He is a true legend in dispelling the knowledge with passion. He is not interested in money making, which is the only quality that differentiates him with other institutions. As my guru Mr. Chakravarthy sir always says, "Don't run for money, money will flow when you run for knowledge", as both are interlinked. He has survived many years in the industry because of purely these rare qualities and i hope and wish a good luck for his future endeavors. With Love - his ardent student.