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Technical Analysis Classes in Hyderabad : Williamís % R

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Stock Market Technical Analysis Coaching in Hyderabad Ameerpet,

Larry Williams developed Williamís % R as a momentum indicator in technical analysis that quantifies overbought and oversold levels.

The interpretation of Williams' % R is very identical to that of the Stochastic Oscillator except that %R is devised upside-down and the Stochastic Oscillator has internal smoothing. The purpose of analysis and discussion of Williamís %R is usually laid by using negative values where %R indicator on an upside down scale.

The Williams %R is used to initiate entry and exit in the market. which compares the close of a stock to the high-low range over a period of time, typically 14 days.

Williamís %R readings in the range of 80 to 100% indicate that the security is oversold while readings in the 0 to 20% range suggest that it is overbought.


Overbought and oversold indicators, it is best to wait for the security's price to change direction before placing your trades. If an overbought and oversold indicator is in overbought condition, it is knowledgeable to wait for the security's price to turn down before selling the security. It is not unusual for overbought and oversold indicators to remain in overbought and oversold condition for a long time period as the security's price continues to go up or down. Selling simply because the security appears overbought may take you out of the security long before its price shows signs of decline.


Williamís %R assumes a reversal in the underlying security's price, as the indicator almost always forms a peak and turns down a few days before the security's price peaks and turns down. Besides %R usually creates a trough and turns up a few days before the security's price turns up.


Williams %R is a momentum indicator that allots the level of the close relative to the high-low range over a given period of time. To this the signals mentioned above, investors can use %R to gauge the six-month trend for a security. Related to all technical indicators, it is essential to use the Williams %R in association with other technical analysis tools. Volume and breakouts can be used to confirm signals produced by Williams %R.

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