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Technical Analysis Course in Hyderabad : McClellan Oscillator

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Stock Market Technical Analysis Course in Hyderabad Ameerpet,

The McClellan Oscillator was developed by Sherman and Marian McClellan. The McClellan Oscillator is a market breadth indicator that is positioned on the smoothed difference between the number of advancing and declining issues on the New York Stock Exchange.


The McClellan Oscillator is one of a few alternative indicators that are based on market metrics other than price. The McClellan Oscillator provides an indicator based on market breadth which technical analysts can use in coincidence with other market variables to generate profitable trade orders. Popular alternative indicators to price include volume and volume weighted average price trend line. The Summation Index can also be used in concurrence with the McClellan Oscillator. The McClellan Summation Index adds the current day's McClellan Oscillator to the previous day's McClellan Summation Index.

The McClellan Oscillator uses advancing issues and declining issues on the New York Stock Exchange to gauge market breadth.

The components are:

1. Advancing Issues - Declining Issues
2. Calculate both the EMA of [Advancing Issues - Declining Issues]
3. Plot the result of the 19-day EMA minus the 39-day EMA.


As MACD when the short term moving average crosses above the longer term moving average, the devised line crosses the zero line. Therefore, when the McClellan Oscillator crosses above zero, the trend of the advance-decline issues is positive. In distinction, when the McClellan Oscillator crosses below zero, the trend of the advance-decline issues is negative.

Predominantly above the +70 is considered an over- bought condition and below -70 is an oversold condition.


Indicators that use advancing and declining issues to regulate the amount of participation in the movement of the stock market are called "breadth" indicators. A beneficial bull market is escorted by a large number of stocks making moderate upward advances in price. A weakening bull market is indicated by a small number of stocks making large advances in price, giving the false appearance that all is well. This type of divergence often signals an end to the bull market. A similar clarification applies to market bottoms, where the market index continues to decline while fewer stocks are declining.


The McClellan Oscillator estimates the momentum of the AD Line or Net Advances. As a momentum oscillator, it is susceptible to the risk of normal momentum oscillators, such as MACD. Bearish and bullish divergences can produce some great signals, but these signals are certainly not fail-proof. The same is true for Breadth pushes and crosses into negative or positive territory. Like MACD, the McClellan Oscillator is a preferably volatile indicator that produces many potential signals.

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