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Technical Analysis Courses in Hyderabad : Mass Index

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Stock Market Technical Analysis Courses Classes in Hyderabad,

The Mass Index was developed by Donald Dorsey .The Mass Index was designed to identify trend reversals by measuring the narrowing and widening of the range between the high and low prices. As this range widens, the Mass Index increases as the range narrows the Mass Index decreases.


The most significant pattern to watch for is a "reversal bulge." A reversal bulge occurs when a 25-period Mass Index rises above 27.0 and subsequently falls below 26.5. A reversal in price is then likely. The overall price trend is unimportant.

A 9-period exponential moving average of prices is often used to determine whether the reversal bulge indicates a buy or sell signal. When the reversal bulge occurs, trader should buy if the moving average is trending down and sell if it is trending up.



Mass Index uses high low differential to provide volatility measure. This indicator fluctuates with mid- 20s which increases the chances of trend reversal. Mass Index does not have directional bias. The Mass Index is presented as a useful technical tool that traders might use to time entry into bottoming markets.

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AS Chakravarthy sir has taken few companies data to explain the concepts in a very lucid way. He has given examples from his 26 years real life stock market experience. He has seen four bull markets and four bear markets.

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In technical analysis, he explains all the different types of charts such as line chart, bar charts and candle sticks. In line charts, he has discussed about trends, support, resistance, traps and volumes. Next, he has dealt with pattern and its types. He has also dealt with moving averages in a detailed way showing the charts from BSE and NSE. In fundamental analysis, he has dealt with all the ratios in a simplified manner.

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