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Technical Analysis Course in Hyderabad : Arms Index

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Stock Market Technical Analysis Courses Training in Hyderabad,

Arms Index developed by Richard Arms in 1967, is a short term Technical Analysis Stock Market trading indicator based on Advance Decline Data. It measures the relationship between market supply and demand and is used as predictor of future price movements in the market on Intraday basis.

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The topics in Arms Index

Arms index analysis is very simple in calculating velocity and mass of a moving object at any particular speed which reveals information about the future speed of the object than looking at its current speed.

Technical Indicators one need to identify and capitalize on price trends of any tradable security.

Here are some sketches as how ARMS INDEX works

Arms Index value above 1.00 is bearish, a value of 1.00 is bullish and a value of 1.00 indicates a balanced market. If the value of 1.00 is far away, the contrast is in force between buying and selling on that particular day. A value which exceeds 3.00 is considered to indicate oversold market and bearish sentiment is melodramatic. If the value dips below 0.50 is indicating overbought market and bullish sentiment is melting down.

Traders look utmost in the index value for signs that market may soon change direction.

Four major variables are crucial for TRIN indicator are advancing issues declining issues advancing volume and declining volumes readily available from the exchange provides adequate data by itself.

TRIN is a very good indicator traders should always use the information in the context of market trend.

Arms Index is a versatile indicator to pin point with a degree of precision on the turning point of prices. Ideal for stock day traders.


The Arms Index is a volatile breadth indicator used to generate oversold and overbought signals. Short term traders can use the unmodified Arms Index to generate short term signals. The Arms Index is one indicator traders should employ other technical analysis to confirm signals generated.


TRIN= Advancing issues/declining issues
Advancing volume/declining volume

The acronym TRIN stands for TRading INdex a volume based confirmation indicator as well as overbought and oversold indicator.

TRIN indicator is also ideal for trend traders. Keep an eye on long term and short term charts in order to pick the intraday or short term reversals indicator by Arms Index.

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