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Technical Analysis Course in Hyderabad : Average Directional

Best for Options trading training - Intraday trading training in Hyderabad

Key features of ADX

Stock Market Technical Analysis Courses Training Hyderabad,

Average Directional Index is developed by Welles wilder is an indicator in technical analysis describing the strength of market trends regardless of whether it is up or down.

The directional movement of positive and negative forms the backbone of the Directional movement system. Wilder determined movement by comparing the difference between two consecutive lows with the difference between their respective highs.

ADX is determined whether stock, future, currency pair is trending or is in trading range.


ADX helps traders determine the strength of a trend in fact values are necessary to differentiate the trend not the actual direction.

1) Strong upward trend of stock= Increasing ADX
2) Strong downward trend of stock =Increasing ADX
ADX is 0-20 = No trend
ADX is 25 = strong trend
ADX is above 50 = extremely strong trend
ADX is above 70 = power trend.

Oscillator ranges between 0 and 100 with high readings indicating a strong trend and low readings indicates weak trend.

+DI line is greater than the –DI line = Bulls have the directional edge.
-DI line is above the +DI line = Bears have the directional edge.
Strategically sell when –DI is up and major trend is down.
Buy when +DI is higher than –DI, but only larger trend is also moving up.


DI- = Negative movement
DI+ = Positive movement
ADX = Moving average of ADX
DX = Positive and Negative movement.


The Directional movement system indicator calculations are complex, interpretation is straight forward and successful implementation takes practice. +DI and –DI crossover are quite frequent and traders used to filter signals with complimentary analysis.

These crossover signals will be similar to those generated using momentum oscillators. Traders need to look elsewhere for confirmation. Traders can focus on +DI buy signals when the bigger trend is up and –DI sell signals when the bigger trend is down.

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We explains the subject easily to understand both Technical & non Technical students, like that I designed and explain with examples of the subject in 2 Courses, 1st Course:- Capital market & Derivative Market I gained in this course the main basics concepts of stock markets, like history of Stock markets, execution of orders, process of clearing & settlement ,Futures, options, Hedging strategies, Straddle, Strangle,.....etc. This course will teach you " what is stock markets, how to invest in stocks & how to insure your money by using Hedging strategies". 2nd Course:- Technical and Fundamental Analysis In this course teach me " how to choose a stocks to invest money by using Technical and Fundamental Analysis. We explains and simplify very hard concepts like Purely Chart Analysis, leading indicators, lagging indicators, Simple moving average, Bollinger Bands, R.S.I, R.O.C, O.B.V, E.P.S, P.E, Income Statement, profit Ratios, Dividend Yield, Reserves & Surplus.... Etc.