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Technical Analysis Classes in Hyderabad : Ease of Movement

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Stock Market Technical Analysis Couses training Hyderabad Ameerpet,

Ease of movement is a technical momentum indicator used to show the relationship between the rate of assets, price change and its volume. EMV is developed by Richard Arms and fluctuates above below the zero line as the name implies designed to measure “ease” of the price movement.

Ease of movement takes eqivolume to the next level by quantifying the price/volume relationship showing the results as an oscillator. Generally prices are advancing with relative ease when the oscillator is in positive territory, conversely prices are declining with relative ease when the oscillator is in negative territory.


The truth is EMV is not a standalone tool. Combine the most common volume with EMV since it is derived from volume activity, volume is a valuable tool in validating trading signals as well as divergences.

Richard calculated by comparing the current period’s midpoint with the prior period’s midpoint which is the high plus the low divided by two. Distance moved is positive when the current midpoint is above the prior midpoint and negative when the current midpoint is below the prior mid-point.

Distance moved =(H+L)/2 = (prior H + prior L)/2)

A moving average of the indicator can be added to act as a trigger line similar to MACD. Transaction signals generated when the indicator crosses over a 9 day moving average, generally made the indicator crosses over the zero line. Traders use to smoothed version of the indicator in an attempt to estimate false signals.Bullish price action coupled with strong trading volume provides a great opportunity to establish a long position. In every decision making process we should always consider the option to do nothing .The approach would simply call for us to exit positions where the EMV breaks the zero line contrary to the primary trend.


EMV is a volume oscillator that incorporates price action, a trader can enter long when the zero line closes above the zero line and can go short when EMV closes below zero line , volume and SMA”S are the best to ease of movement indicator by avoiding EMV signals during periods of volume.

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