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Mutual Funds: AUM of the industry, as of February 2010 has touched Rs.766,869 crore from 832 schemes offered by 38 mutual funds. In some advanced countries, mutual fund AUM is multiple of bank deposits. In India, mutual fund AUM is hardly 10% of bank deposits. This is indicative of the immense potential for growth of the industry.

The high proportion of AUM is debt, largely from institutional investors is not in line with the role of mutual funds, which is to channelize retail money into the capital market. Various regulatory measures to reduce the costs and increase the convenience for investors are aimed at transforming mutual funds into a truly retail vehicle of capital mobilization for the larger benefit of the economy. The Best Institute for NCFM Training and NISM Course in Hyderabad - ASC NCFM Academy

NCFM Training and NISM Course in Hyderabad - ASC NCFM Academy

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One of the objects of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) is to promote the investors’ interest by defining and maintaining high ethical and professional standards in the mutual fund industry. In pursuance of this objective, AMFI had constituted a Committee under the Chairmanship of Shri A. P. Pradhan with Shri S. V. Joshi, Shri C. G. Parekh and Shri M. Laxman Kumar as members. This Committee, working in close co-operation with Price Waterhouse–LLP under the FIRE Project of USAID, has drafted the Code, which has been approved and recommended by the Board of AMFI for implementation by its members. I take opportunity to thank all of them for their efforts. The AMFI Code of Ethics, “The ACE” for short, sets out the standards of good practices to be followed by the Asset Management Companies in their operations and in their dealings with investors, intermediaries and the public. SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulation 1996 requires all Asset Management Companies and Trustees to abide by the Code of conduct as specified in the Fifth Schedule to the Regulation. The AMFI Code has been drawn up to supplement that schedule, to encourage standards higher than those prescribed by the Regulations for the benefit of investors in the mutual fund industry.

This is the first edition of the Code and it may be supplemented further as may be necessary. I hope members of AMFI would implement the code and ensure that their employees are made fully aware of the Code.

Mutual Fund Schemes shall be organized, operated, managed and their portfolios of securities selected, in the interest of all classes of unit holders and not in the interest of sponsors, directors of Members, members of Board of Trustees or directors of the Trustee company, brokers and other market intermediaries, associates of the Members, a special class selected from out of unit holders.

AMFI means the Association of Mutual Funds in India

Associate means and includes an Associate as defined in regulation 2(c) of SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations 1996.
Fundamental investment policies. of a scheme managed by a member means the investment objectives, policies, and terms of the scheme, that are considered fundamental attributes of the scheme and on the basis of which unit holders have invested in the scheme.

Chapter one

: Concept and role of mutual funds

Chapter two

: Fund structure and constituents

Chapter three

: Legal and regulatory environment

Chapter four

: The offer document

Chapter five

: Fund distribution and sales practices

Chapter six

: Accounting, valuation and taxation

Chapter seven

: Investor services

Chapter eight

: Investment management

Chapter nine  

: Measuring and evaluating mutual fund performance

Chapter ten  

: helping investors with financial planning

Chapter eleven  

: Recommending financial planning strategies to investors

Chapter twelve

: Selecting the right investment products for investors

Chapter thirteen

: Helping investors understand risks in fund investing

Chapter fourteen

: Recommending model portfolios and selecting the right funds

Chapter Fifteen  

: Business ethics for mutual funds