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TRADING Introduction

Olden days, the ‘open outcry system’ was followed by stock exchanges for the purpose of trade when brokers assemble at a central location usually ‘the exchange trading ring’ in India. But this process was time consuming, inefficient and imposed limits on trading volumes and trading hours. In order to mitigate these issues and further to streamline the process, NSE introduced a nation-wide on-line, fully-automated screen based trading system (SBTS). This system enables the trading member to transact with ‘n’ number of securities and the prices he would like to. Each transaction is executed as soon as it finds a right match of sell or buy order’ from a counter party. This system was readily accepted by market participants in the very first year of its operation, NSE is emerged as the leading stock exchange in the country. Technology has opened up the floodgates for brokers and individuals to trade at their comfort of respective homes and offices through the Internet. This made a huge difference in terms of equal access to investors in a geographically vast country like India.

The main computer of NSE is connected to VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) installed at NSE office, this computer runs on fault tolerant mainframe (STRATUS) which gives reliable platform for high-volume transaction processing. And the trade brokers are also able to connect through VSATs/leased lines/modems by installing the terminals at their respective offices


NSE is the first exchange to use satellite communication technology for trading globally. This platform is called ‘National Exchange for Automated Trading’ (NEAT), is a state of-the-art client server based application. All trading information is stored in the form of database to minimize the response time and maximize the system availability for its users. It has uptime record of 99.7%. each trade entered into NEAT system given uniform response time of less than one second. The NEAT system supports an order driven market, wherein orders match subjected to time and price priority. Here quantity expressed in units and price mentioned in Indian Currency. The Exchange records all the information of lot size and tick size of various securities traded.

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